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History & Milestones

Since our inception, Jubilee Industries Holdings Ltd has been growing our operations and customer base rapidly:


Jubilee Industries (S) Pte Ltd (formerly called “Jin Li Mould”) commenced operations in a 100 m² factory in Singapore with five employees and five mould fabrication machines, to provide MDF products to the computer peripheral industries


-Doubled its factory occupancy to 200m²

-Enhanced tooling capabilities with the acquisition of two CNC and three EDM machines to increase its MDF product offerings


-Secured Hewlett Packard as a customer by supplying moulds for the production of its printer products


-Secured Apple as a customer by supplying high precision moulds with cosmetic finishings for the production of plastic parts/components, rendering them aesthetically pleasing with a high-quality finishing for the iMac range of desktop computers


-Started providing MDF products for Automotive Lighting, a manufacturer of headlights for major car manufacturers like Mazda, Honda and Toyota

-Expanded business into the PRC and established EMold Kunshan with a staff strength of 30 and a production facility of approximately 2,400m²


-Introduced PPIM services as well as Value-Added Services to provide one-stop, integrated services to its customers

-Acquired 20 PPIM machines ranging from 60 to 650 tonnes for the production of precision plastic components, supplying computer peripherals and consumer electronics industries

-Relocated Singapore production facility to its current location in Singapore of approximately 5,442m² to allow for production expansion, to cope with increasing demand



    -EMold Kunshan expanded existing manufacturing facility to approximately 4,600m² to undertake increasing production orders from Apple

    -Established EMold Plastics to provide support in PPIM services to Singapore operations

    -Awarded Top 50 Fastest Growing and Singapore SME 500 Companies by DP Information Group


    -Expanded EMold Kunshan manufacturing facility, bringing the total production area to approximately 7,045m², to meet the increasing demand in the PRC

    -Jubilee Industries (S) Pte Ltd (Formerly called “Jin Li Mould”) and EMold Kunshan awarded ISO9001:2000 certifications in recognition of high-quality standards of manufacturing process and services

    -Secured Dyson, a major player in the global household appliance industry, as a new customer, for our MDF products

    -Awarded Singapore SME 500 Companies



    -Acquired high speed PPIM machines for the manufacture of small and precision components for consumer electronic products, such as buttons for Apple’s iPhones and iPods

    -Established subsidiary, Jubilee, in Malaysia to better service existing customers with operations in Malaysia

    -Awarded Singapore SME 500 Awarded 20th Annual – Promising SME Crossing the S$50m Turnover

    -Awarded Singapore SME 500 Companies

    -Ranked 19th among Singapore’s “Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies”


    -Jubilee commenced operations with production facilities of 1,083m²

    -Expanded CNC capabilities with additional machines

    -EMold Kunshan expanded PRC plant to approximately 10,624m²


    -Listed on the Singapore Exchange Catalist in 10 July 2009


    -Jubilee Industries entered discussions to acquire WE Components and its subsidiaries (WE Components Group)


    -Jubilee Industries completely acquired 100% of WE Components and its subsidiaries (WE Components Group)

    -Jubilee Industries was listed in the Singapore 1000 Company Public Listed Companies 2015


    -Jubilee Industries was listed in the Singapore 1000 Company Public Listed Companies 2016

      Jubilee receives shareholder’s loan of US$16 million from Accrelist Limited, a strategic move    by Terence Tea, in support of the former’s working capital needs


    – Accrelist converts shareholder loan into shares of Jubilee Industries, resulting in the parent    owning a 71.89% stake

    – Acquired WE Components, an electronics components distributor, from parent company. This    has given Jubilee Industries the ability to provide one-stop solutions to the electronics    manufacturing industry.

    – Company undergoes a period of restructuring and rebuilding led by Terence Tea


    – Turnaround in FY2018 with net profit of S$900,000 Bids goodbye to losses!

    – Company restructures into two units: Mechanical Business Unit (MBU) and Electronics    Business Unit (MBU).

      Terence Tea gives new strategic instructions to refocus on legacy Mould Design & Fabrication   Business

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